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Our Unit Cooler product line spans Low Profile, Low Velocity Center Mount, Medium Profile and Large Unit Coolers with each design supporting the full range of refrigerant options.

Walk In Unit Coolers
Our Walk-In cooling units provide versatility for commercial cold storage applications and major retail environments such as restaurants, supermarkets, convenience stores, beverage storage and more.

Warehouse Unit Coolers
For Warehouse cooling, our line of large capacity coolers are ideal for industrial and commercial cold storage – especially where food safety, efficiency and reliability are paramount.

Reach-In Unit Coolers
Reach-Ins are essential for food-service and retail – bars, display cases, food storage, you name it. Trust Heatcraft for performance when space gets tight and superior functionality is a must.


  • Commercial refrigeration
    • Beverage coolers
    • Supermarkets
    • Convenience stores
    • Food prep areas
    • Under-counter cabinets
    • Cold rooms
  • Warehouses and process cooling