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R-Plus Cold Storage Doors

Over 40 years of R-Plus Cold Storage Doors experience and a reputation for excellent customer service makes R-Plus the leader in cold storage doors. Service Representatives throughout the U.S. means R-Plus Cold Storage Doors has the capability to provide new cold storage doors anywhere, complete with custom sizes and applications, or service your existing cold storage door needs.

Swing Doors

R-Plus Cold Storage Doors are built with a design that balances durability, economy and appearance. The ultimate insulated cold storage door is perfect for cold storage walk-ins, warehouses, processing plants and distribution facilities. You can depend on R-Plus for a quality design that guarantees ease of installation and years of trouble free operation.

Horizontal Sliding Doors

The best doors on the market are R-Plus cold storage doors. Panels are foamed in place polyurethane for the highest insulating values in the industry. Standard single sliding doors are available in sizes up to 12 ft. tall by 12 ft. wide. Common applications include medium density walk-through traffic and pallet jack or lift truck traffic. Rigidized panels insure optimal strength and good looks. Manual double doors are easily parted in any order to allow personnel pass-through and motorized single doors can be fitted with a personnel door that helps maintain environment integrity by exposing a smaller interior area to air infiltration.

Vertical Lift Doors

When the ceiling may be too low or there is not enough space to either side to open a sliding door, R-Plus Lift Doors are your solution. All doors come in manual or powered versions, depending on your preference and limited clearance requirements, with powered doors featuring high-speed operation with two pull-cord switches. Sectional or full lift, these R-Plus doors meet your needs where ceiling heights or side-to-side clearance are limited.

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