Custom Parallel Racks

Zero Zone Refrigeration's Parallel Compressor Systems provide increased efficiency over conventional refrigeration systems. Microprocessor based control systems adjust the capacity of the system to accurately match the product load.

All of Zero Zone's Parallel Systems are custom engineered to meet the customer's specifications and the design conditions of the store.

Custom-designed and crafted by specialists from concept to cooling, every Zero Zone Rack undergoes more than 1000 stringent quality tests to ensure peak performance. Skilled engineers design, size and oversee every stage of the manufacturing process. Thorough leak testing and electrical function inspection of all systems are your assurances of reduced maintenance and “fail-safe” performance. Our Racks are quicker to install and easy to service for less downtime.

Standard Features: 
Custom-designed, computerized wiring and piping diagrams provided for each system.
Oversized 4 1⁄8" suction header and an additional accumulator for each suction group ensures longevity of compressor.
Heavy-duty 12 gauge electrical panel is mounted with vibration-absorbing neoprene well nuts to prevent electrical and electronic component failures.
Systems are ETL listed to comply with the National Electrical Code.
Pre-quote assessment analysis yields accurate data to ensure a well designed system.
Custom-engineered systems are tailored to meet specific equipment needs.
A dedicated application engineer sizes, designs and follows every project through the entire process.
Over 1000 quality control checks conducted during manufacturing.
Thorough leak, high-pot and electrical function testing performed on all system controls for timely start-ups.
Individually labeled, carefully organized and exactly placed wire system to simplify diagnostics and cut service expense.
Proven process of precision brazing eliminates pin holes and system leaks, further reducing start-up costs.

“Zero Zone expertise encompasses decades of innovative system solutions for cold storage warehouses, blast freezers/chillers, spiral freezers, process chillers, ice arena chillers and other specialized applications. Our industrial refrigeration systems are custom built for each customer while keeping ease of installation and service in mind. Whatever your industrial refrigeration need, chances are Zero Zone has tackled it.

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